When little kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up, the normal ones say things like doctor, astronaut or race car driver. Not me. I’ve always been a little weird. When asked that question I said naively said that “I want to be a priest.” And so this ministry journey began.

When I was in high school I began leading middle school bible studies, and haven’t stopped for the past 30 years. I did full time macro-youth ministry for 20 years, up until Fall 2014. Now I am going more macro and visioning for myself, my family and God’s kingdom.

I am a Gospel Junky as I have worked under some incredible Gospel Pioneers that have helped lead this ongoing Gospel-Centric Revolution that is permeating our country (and beyond).

Personally I have a ridiculous life, with a wife of 25 years, one daughter in college (Appalachian State University), a son at Ole Miss and one more who graduated from App State and is digging life in the mountains of Colorado. Though a Texan by birth and growth, I went to seminary and did youth ministry in Richmond, VA, then youth in Houston, now in the mountain in Brevard, NC, just south of Asheville, NC (which is constantly voted the best town in the US). Being out in this southern Blue Ridge Mountains I get out into the forest as much as possible, as well as play too many sports, which have resulted in lots and lots of screws holding both of my shoulders together.

Finally….I have been ordained in the EPC (epc.org) for 19 years, have given thousands of talks to thousands of students, written about a thousand pages of youth curriculum and am in the process of writing a whole lot more stuff (focusing on our Identity in Christ…which is founded in the Identity of Christ).

land family fall 2012a

Jesus Follower ✠ Pastor ✠ Husband ✠ Dad ✠
Texan ✠ Visioner ✠ Speed Gracer

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  1. Brian
    It sounds like you are a man that believes in the value of sitting at the lords feet. Knowing Him first and seeking that others would also see His great love for us.
    It may seem weird having someone from Wisconsin writing but my wife and I hope to move to Brevard next year. With a daughter and grand kids in Charlotte and another in The Nashville area plus the mountains and now Grace Brevard it appears to be a good fit.
    I am a very recent retired art teacher who seeks to exercise the creativity God has given in creating art. (mostly e-d) Grace Brevard seems to value that aspect of God and putting Him first. We plan to visit this summer in August the 9th through the 14th and I hope we might get to attend a service.

  2. Thanks for reaching out. August is a bit of a free-for-all in Brevard with camps coming to a close and travel plans, but we’ll certainly be going full-steam. I’ll be out a couple of Sundays in August, but we have amazing leaders to teach, lead worship etc. Our Arts Director’s name is Craig (you can see his bio a little on http://www.gracebrevardchurch.org). We engage the arts pretty deeply, including the whole community, not just overtly spiritually-based art. We’d love to have you come engage with us. You can see our sermon notes and listen to them on the website as well to see where we are with theology and serving the community.

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